What happens when you leave dry land and take to the waterways of England?…..

Jane and Al/Algy/Wally/Jiggy (choose the monika by which you know him…) have decided to find out. Hopefully you will join them on their journey and keep in touch, because the hardest thing for them has been moving away from the immediacy of their family and friends….


6 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Alan and Jane; so how is it going?
      Back here the kitchen people are nearing the end of fitting our kitchen- perhaps be mainly finished by Thursday/Friday. Last night we managed to break the microwave turntable plate; well it broke, entirely unexpectedly, when I gently placed it in hot water ( Of David and Margaret`s combination microwave oven) before doing more than bake one potato.
      Bit of a bummer – especially as we hadn`t even managed to make ourselves dinner first ! However, new plate ordered today, and we went to Geoff and Steve`s café for lunch . With luck, the new plate will arrive before we have to give the microwave back!
      On Sunday we heard the unfamiliar noises of children playing ,drifting over from your garden; very strange. We will go and say Hello at the weekend.

      Look forward to hearing from you on your blog- and hope weather being kind,
      Kathryn ( et Keith ) xx

  1. Dear Jane and Al,
    I missed penny black post, pigeon post but I know how to do Royal Mail, Email and Facebook. This is my first attempt at blog which I do not understand, but I am doing my best.
    Well, I am thrilled that you are on your big adventure and sorry that we do not have a canal nearby so that you could come by and say hello ! !I shall look forward to reading about all your adventures. Good luck, keep well and enjoy, love Wendy and Derek xx

  2. Hi Jane &Al
    Where have you got to on your big adventure? Hope you are enjoying the relaxed pace, seeing lots of wildlife and good pubs!
    Our life has changed somewhat since we last spoke, John has just about retired and we have become Grandparents! All very life changing for John! We have a busy summer ahead starting with 2 weeks in Sardinia- can’t wait’
    Hope all is well with you
    Love Carri

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